A Perfect Alternative For You

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It wasn’t that long ago people got a thrill going out and a getting a new Smartphone. There weren’t the variety of options available as even low end phones, which are loaded today, was easy to choose amongst. People now either have to do a lot of research to make the right  decision as the price of current phones can definitely affect the bottom line. Buying  a Smartphone is no longer the carefree fun it once was with all these options and variety of systems to choose amongst.

The old adage less is more couldn’t be more appropriately ascribed. Not only do users need to determine which phone is the best for them from a variety phones from different manufactures, they also have to figure which plan best suits them. It’s very tough now.

Price Has Always been important but that’s increased with COVID

There is of course only the iPhone from Apple but then there are numerous people out there that use Google’s device OS Android. Manufacturers are free to modify Android such as the interface. They do this partly to differentiate themselves and also to provide what they view as better data entry. Performance a long with other things might be improved.

Samsung is a good case in point. They have added their own UI to that of Google’s straight forward interface which is a very good addition. However, this is one example of many. You can imagine how this one change can affect so much in terms of your decision.

This is certainly not so with the iPhone. What you get is what you see. Yes, there is odd the odd ad-in component which affects possibly your efficiency with the product but it does not change the core of IOS in any fashion. This is what you want. It’s a method to control quality by adding functionality without affecting the stability. As such, this is a healthy value ad solution.

The competition between these systems keeps prices somewhat contained. It also adds to choice. One problem today though, is there is too much choice. Even in the iPhone lineup for this year there will be four models to choose from with different storage options.

Once you move to Android, there are numerous manufacturers and each manufacturer may have multiple phone choices to cross a variety of needs. However, how do you choose today. Some people have brand loyalty such as to Apple and then they just have to choose with in that bunch. Others are looking for the best value and if that rests with Android they’ll go there. The world and in particular the tech world is getting very complicated. However, at least some manufacturers have recognized people don’t want to spend and arm and leg for a phone.

The Positives and Negatives of Choice

Having choice provides a couple of essential things:

  • a product that will likely meet your needs
  • keeps prices curtailed due to competition

The negative of all of this is there is so much to choose from which includes the device and plan. It can all be a bit overwhelming at times and often it is. It’s not till you actually use something do you know if it is right for you.

The problem can be overcome through a careful consideration of needs analysis and what’s important to you and then also your budget or how much are you prepared to spend. The latter could narrow the field substantially if it is on the lower side. On the high side the whole field is open for consideration.

In the past when there wasn’t such an array of options it could be fun to go out and get a new phone. That might still be the case yet there is this often over-arching feeling of confusion. It takes more work to define what you really need today. The positives though likely outweigh the negatives. This keeps prices under control and does ensure your needs will be more likely met.