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ALSO Holding AG and MCI Euroventures, majority shareholder of ABC Data S.A., have received the unconditional consent of the European Commission for the acquisition of the Eastern European distributor by ALSO Holding AG. The Warsaw-based company is active in six Eastern European countries and generated sales of US$1.18 billion 2018. ALSO says the deal pushes it ahead with its Eastern European expansion strategy.

This approval creates the essential conditions for ALSO’s complete takeover of ABC Data S.A.’s business operations. ALSO claims that it will become the market leader in Eastern Europe, which has an addressable market volume of around US$33.8 billion per year.

The ALSO Group is strengthening its existing business in Lithuania and will now be present in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary. With the activities that it acquires, ALSO Holding AG aims to expand its high-margin solutions business. With the ABC Data platform, the company reckons it will be in a position to offer its customers consumption-dependent IT-as-a-service services via the ALSO Cloud Marketplace (ACMP).

UPDATE – 17/6/22

The ALSO subsidiaries in Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia together with ABC and the recently closed acquisitions in Slovenia, Croatia, Belarus and Ukraine – as well as the expected acquisition in Bulgaria – will then be in a position to develop a strong network to address the Eastern European market, according to the distributor.

After the completion of the acquisitions ALSO would be market leader in Eastern Europe with presence in 13 countries: Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Belarus and Ukraine.

“With this strong footprint ALSO will broaden its vendor portfolio in the Eastern European countries and will be able to offer an even more attractive technology platform for vendor and reseller partners,” said Gustavo Möller-Hergt, CEO of ALSO Holding AG. “We will provide a product, solution and service portfolio in these countries giving the regional partners access to ALSO’s technologies like the ALSO Cloud Marketplace and Webshop, virtualisation technologies, ERP, BI and CRM.”

In building a strong ecosystem with the partners, ALSO claims it can optimise its Eastern European logistic network to address more resellers with a full range of best quality products and services. Moreover synergies of scale can be realised to make resellers even more attractive offers, according to the distributor.